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SHSMUN Department Policy

  • The SHSMUNer is responsible for all material covered during his/her days of absence (students are aware of this policy).
  • Parents consent to the participation of their son/daughter in an MUN conference and adhere to the responsibility for the material covered during their child’s absence.
  • Teachers are to assist and answer any inquiry a student approaches them with (upon their return).
  • Teachers are to assign tests no sooner than three days after arrival.
  • SHSMUNers need to follow the CAS procedures and obtain the prior approval of the CAS coordinator if an IB student wants his/her MUN activity/conference/training to be counted as part of his/her CAS program.
  • Students in grade 9 LP, Sec3, or IB2 who would like to join conferences (especially the LAU’s 2-day conf. for the sake of the 25% tuition discount in addition to any Financial Aid and/or scholarships that the student might receive from LAU) have to get the approval from their HD before joining the MUN conference.
  • Students who wish to join more than 2 conferences per year have to have the consent of his/her parents and his/her HD before joining.

MUN Department


N.B:  In compliance with the request for a written policy for AY14/15 the above points will be implemented; however, they may be amended as seen fit after a specified trial period.