Graduate's Profile

Graduate's Profile

Sagesse High School graduates are equipped with skills necessary to be successful, empathetic,
and humanistic individuals that uphold balanced bases of ethical values and academic

Specifically, Sagesse High School graduates will:

1. Demonstrate qualities of endurance as a result of their scholastic experiences where
challenges are faced with maturity and introspection.

2. Portray empathy, compassion, and humanism as a result of their exposure to diverse on
and off campus activities where compassion, service and social awareness are central

3. Demonstrate life-long learning attributes which allow them to progress everywhere and at
any time.

4. Materialize the understandings of honesty, credibility, and academic integrity
encapsulated through their academic experiences with securing data and developing

5. Respect and value local and foreign cultures by retrospective evaluation of scholastic

6. Demonstrate skills that enable them to communicate with compassion and the intent to
solve conflict rather than complicate it.

7. Exteriorize a sense of belonging to their school environment and the world at large.

8. Recognize and appreciate the achievements of others through collective, communal
celebration of individualistic successes.